Bukit Tengah ADUN- More Police Officers Required


Bukit Tengah- The State Assemblymen of Bukit Tengah, YB Tuan Gooi Hsiao Leung hopes the Federal Government increases the number of police officers in the Bukit Tengah Police Station due to its large administrative area.

The area of Bukit Tengah covers 57.6 km per sq.ft, yet the total number of police officers stationed here are only 62 people. The State Assemblymen said that the number of police officers here is much lesser compared to the Pulau Tikus Police Station where a total of 170 officers are in duty for an area of only 5.7 km per sq.ft.

"I hope that the the number of officers would be increased to accommodate the size and the area of the Bukit Tengah, while upgrading the police station from grade C to grade B to ensure that the number of police officers can be increased to more than 100"

"I also hope that the infrastructural problems and facilities in the Bukit Tengah Police Station, the Community Police Station and 'pondok polis' could be given serious attention by the government"

He said this during his visit to the Bukit Tengah Police Station yesterday.

However, despite the police officers stationed in Bukit Tengah are very less, he feels proud that the they are not being reluctant from continuing to serve the people.

"The lack of police officers is not a challenge or hurdle for them to enforce activities to prevent crimes from happening."

"Statistics shows that the crime rate in Bukit Tengah has successfully been reduced by 17.38 % in 2018 compared to year 2017, and this is a great development and I hope that the crime rate will continue to fall in the future" The visit from the State Assemblymen was welcomed by the Chief Police of Bukit Tengah Police Station, Inspector Ahmad Hamzah Kasdi along with other police officers in that station.

Credit to Sinar Harian, Saturday 2nd February 2019.

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