Cleanliness Ignored

rubbish in berapit

Berapit- SPT News received a complaint from a villager who lives in Kampung Tanah Liat, Berapit. This image is taken from the entrance of Kampung Tanah Liat, via Jalan Tanah Liat, opposite the community college located there. Residents have to pass this point everyday to enter and exit this part of the 'kampung'.

The image above speaks enough as we could all possibly imagine what the villagers are enduring. No proper rubbish bins and rubbish collection schedule by the MPSP has resulted in such situation to occur. SPT News regrets this situation and will inform  the MPSP to act immediately. We also request the local resident to dispose their rubbish properly by putting it into the bin. Our negligence will not only affect us, but everyone else around us as well. The life quality of any resident in Seberang Perai Tengah should never be compromised.

Together as a community!!!

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