Damaged Roads in Juru

Bad Road Condition

Juru- These are the images taken by a resident of Taman Sentul, Juru, where the streets of their neighbourhood is filled with portholes and completely damaged. Residents have been enduring this for some while, whereby according to the complaint sent to SPT News, the tarred roads were cracked up for some work. However upon completion, the condition of the roads were never restored and were left just like that. 

This are some of the images that SPT News obtained but after our team's visit to the area, we found out that almost all streets in the neighbourhood were in almost similar condition. The portholes are not only creating  dicomfort for drivers, but also dangers the motorcycle rides especially at night, as they could possibly fall and hurt themselves and their passengers.

SPT News regrets such situation. The safety of the residents and road users have been negligently handled, and the issue of the damaged roads have been ignored. We will immediately reach out to JKR Pulau Pinang to alert them of this situation and will ask to action to be taken as soon as possible. The safety of our people must be our priority.

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