Dengue Plague In SPT

dengue plague

Batu Kawan- The alarming increase of mosquitoes in residential areas seem to be worrying the people, especially when the presence of Aedes mosquitoes could subsequently result in dengue fever. The number of dengue cases are hiking as days go on, Taman Desa Damai had over 60 cases just before the new year, while Kebun Sireh had 48 cases last year alone. Taman Limau Manis is also facing such situation, where mosquitoes are almost everywhere and no resident are able to do anything about it. Such worrying numbers only shows us one thing, that we as a community aren't doing enough.

Local authorites such as the MPSP, the SPT Health Department and local neighbourhood councils should do more. Locating dengue prone areas and conducting fogging and 'gotong-royong' could possibly reduce the number of mosquitoes from time to time. However, this must be done repeatedly and not just once. Keeping our neighbourhood clean is very crucial as littered rubbish could hold rain water, which would then allow the mosquitoes to lay their eggs.

One thing that we should all remember is that the people should not merely put the blame on the authorities, the residents are to be blamed as well. The residents must be aware of the consequence of failing to act responsibly as it is our duty not just to participate in the efforts to curb the dengue plague, but to always act responsibly in preventing such situation to arise in the first place.

SPT News will continue to liasse with the relevant authorities but we plead the people to do what is required to stop this alarming epidermic. Our negligence may cost the lives of our family and our loved ones. This is one of the moments where we will have to act together as a community to save ourselves from such occurence. We should all act together to face the coming danger, or should I say the danger is already here.

Together as a Community!!!

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