Drainage Problem at Taman Perwira Indah

Drainage Problem

Bukit Tambun- This are the images of the condition of a trench in Taman Perwira Indah, which goes all the way to Sungai Junjung Mati. The entire area around the trench is covered with rubbish and has caused the water flow to become stagnant. This has resulted not just a huge drainage issue for the residents living there but also caused the surroundings of the neighbourhood to become unhygenic. The condition could potentially cause health problems to the residents there such as Dengue, due to Aedes mosquitoes and other diseases, due to the pests around the area.

An unhealthy and unhygenic condition in a neighbourhood, causing it to be less liveable can never be ignored and stern action should be taken immediately. The same concerns were shared by En. Anuar Yussoff, Councillor of MPSP on his Facebook page, sharing photos of his visit to the specified area with other council officers and the local MPKK chairman, Mr Ong.

The councillor has given his assurance that he will address this issue and alert the Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran of this epidemic, by saying, "Telah panjangkan masalah parit dan sungai kpd JPS untuk Tindakan" and ending with a hashtag "#SayangLahSungaiKita".

SPT News and the neighbourhood residents certainly hope that immediate action will be taken by the relevant authorities and that they should work together to resolve this situation for the benefit and the well-being of the residents there. Certainly, they do not deserve to live under such conditions.

Together as a Community!!!

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