Improper Crossing at Berapit


Berapit- SPT News received a complaint from a resident of Kampung Tanah Liat in Berapit on the condition of the street crossing in front of Masjid Haji Saad, Berapit. According to the complaint that we received, the roads were tarred up months ago, however the lines are yet to be painted on the road. The concerned resident regretted this situation by saying that it puts villagers, women and children included, that visits the mosque in great danger.

He further explained that the absence of the crossing line results in cars getting too close to the pedestrians crossing the road when the light turns red, sometimes almost hitting them. The crossing line functions not only to guide pedestrians but to signal the vehicles to stop at a reasonably safe distance when they need to stop. This situation gets worse during Mahgrib and Isyak, when the roads gets too congested and during Isyak, it gets too dark and cars can't see where to stop. The elderly and childrens are the most vulnerable in this situation.

SPT News regrets that such situation has occured. We will immeadiately reach out to Jabatan Kerja Raya Pulau Pinang and inform them of this situation and request for action to be taken as soon as possible. No road users should be neglected or sidelined, especially pedestrians, by not providing infrastructures and amenities in the proper condition.

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