Innapropriate Rubbish Disposal at Kampung Baru Market

Innapropriate Rubbish Disposal at Kampung Baru Market 2019

Bukit Mertajam- These are the images of the the condition of the Kampung Baru Market's parking lot where rubbish and other waste is dumped and the placement of the disposal area is deemed innapropriate by the residents there. A concerned resident who lives in that area sent us this images expressing his regret on how such condition has caused great inconvenience, not just to him but other residents who come to the market as well.

The entire parking area smells really bad, with a strong pungent smell that creates discomfort among those who have to park their cars in the area. Moreover, the area has gone filthy with pests and other stray animals taking over the area and feeding on the rubbish and waste there.

Many resident depend on the availability of the parking lot as the market already has a pre-existing parking issue, where there is not enough spots for cars to be parked. Residents are forced to park there despite the filthy condition of the area. The condition also indirectly contributes to the chances of residents being exposed to diseases due to this unhealthy and unhygenic manner of waste management and disposal.

SPT News urges the MPSP to act immediately to resolve this issue, not just to clean the area but to come up with a different location of the disposal bins placement to avoid any further inconvenience to the residents visiting the market and using the parking lot. Moreover, we also request MPSP and the relevant departments to look into the issue of lack of parking spots. Our residents deserve a clean, sustainable and condusive enviroment and it is our collective duty to work together towards creating such enviroment.

Together as a Community!!!

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