Open Burning in Juru Heights, Bukit Tengah

Open Burning in Juru Heights Bukit Tengah1

Bukit Tengah- These are the images of an open burning incident of rubbish and toxic waste disposed that has occured at Juru Heights, Bukit Tengah. This irresponsible act has cost quite a chaos as the fire was big and the entire area and its surroundings was covered with toxic smoke. The Fire and Rescue Department got there in time to prevent the situation from escalating and to control the fire.

Also present there was En. Anuar Yussoff, Councilor of MPSP who was called and alerted by the residents there on the incident. He has expressed his regret on such act, saying that "this irresponsible act has caused inconvenience to the residents in many ways" adding that " it could endanger the residents safety, health and the enviroment as well".

He advised the people to act more responsibly in handling household and industrial waste. " Open burning of industrial waste produces toxic smoke that is just too dangerous, we should not condone it". The councillor has given his assurance that he will do his best to work with the MPSP to immediately look into this issue and preventing similar incidents in the future, by saying, " Saya akan memaklumkan MPSP tentang kejadian ini dan kami akan mencari jalan secara bersama untuk mengelakkan kejadian seperti ini berulang lagi".

Meanwhile, SPT News urges the residents to act more responsibly in this matter. It is our collective duty and responsibilty to conserve our enviroment and not to condone such acts. We thank Councillor En. Anuar Yussoff for responding to this situation very quickly and his commitment towards conserving our enviroment and keeping our neighbourhoods in Seberang Perai Tengah condusive and sustainable is very much appreciated.

Together as a Community!!!

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