Polluted Rivers in BM

polluted rivers

Padang Lalang- SPT News reporters have identified the condition of Sungai Juru, passing Taman Desa Damai which is visibly polluted by rubbish and other waste. The effort of preserving our rivers are no where to be seen. This has now caused the river to look like an open sewers. 

Mud, loose sand, soil and solids cause siltation in our river. The silt affects the river in many ways. It reduces water volume and had turned the river murky. SPT News will reach out to Jabatan Alam Sekitar immediately to see if we could all work together to restore the condition of the river.

Meanwhile, SPT News pleads the people of Seberang Perai Tengah to do their part to help this effort. Disposing your domestic waste properly and avoid littering could help reduce the amount of rubbish thrown. It is our collective duty and responsibility to preserve and protect our rivers, and we are sure the people of SPT are wise enough to do that.

Together as a community!!!

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