Residents in Darkness


Bukit Tengah- This is an image of the condition of Lintang Limau Manis, Taman Limau Manis, Bukit Tengah at night where the entire street is in complete darkness. The residents in this street are not provided with even one street light as they totally depend on the street light from the main road which is located almost 20 meters away from the houses. Since this street is a dead end, it has been left without the proper lighting required.

One of the resident have alerted SPT News on this situation, telling us how it creates discomfort for them in their daily lives. A situation like this creates chances for crimes to take place and effects the security of residents.

SPT News will inform relevant authorities including the MPSP to ensure that steps are taken to ensure our neighbourhoods in Seberang Perai Tengah remains condusive and safe.

Together as a community!!!


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