IKEA Batu Kawan Now OPEN!!!

IKEA Batu Kawan

Batu Kawan- IKEA Batu Kawan is finally OPEN!! PENANGITES, especially those on Penang mainland can now have easier accessibility to the well-known Swedish furniture brand IKEA after its first store in northern region is opened in Batu Kawan today. Previously, IKEA fans in the northern region had to travel to Selangor to shop for IKEA’s affordable furnitures.
The new IKEA store has a 470,146sq ft retail space. The Chief Minister of Penang, YAB Tuan Chow Kon Yeow, along with the Minister of Finance, YB Tuan Lim Guan Eng were present to officiate the opening of the store. Images above shows that the store is now thronged with people coming from all over Penang as roads heading to Batu Kawan are all congested and the mall is packed with people.
Chief Minister Chow Kon Yeow lauded IKEA for successfully establishing their first store in the northern region. “Batu Kawan in Penang is set to undergo a major transformation into a vibrant area. It is the state’s aspiration to develop Batu Kawan to be a modern and intelligent township."

"I am certain that together with other catalyst projects in Batu Kawan, IKEA will provide a great boost to Penang's economy. IKEA is like a magnet to Batu Kawan. The store will not only attract millions of shoppers, but it will bring hundreds of new jobs, create spin-off business for suppliers, draw in tourists and new investors," he said.

Finance Minister Lim Guan Eng said the store was the result of a RM650 million investment made by IKEA. "The large investment highlights the level of confidence a well-renowned global company has in Malaysia. This will contribute positively to the regional economy," he said in his speech at the grand opening ceremony this morning.

Lim said the development was an example of 4P partnership, a collaboration between the public, private, people and professionals. "It is my hope that our success in Batu Kawan could be replicated elsewhere in the country so that we can raise the quality and the quantum of our economic growth that can be enjoyed by all Malaysians. I am happy to learn that this IKEA store has been built with sustainability in mind, which proves that sustainability can contribute positively to making a profitable business decision."

"With nearly a million households residing just within an hour drive from the store, the opening of IKEA Batu Kawan will open up new avenue for private consumption, and more importantly, by creating more than 300 new jobs especially in retailing and logistics for Penangites as well as for Kedahans," he added, noting that IKEA Batu Kawan has a special place in his heart.

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Open Burning in Juru Heights, Bukit Tengah

Open Burning in Juru Heights Bukit Tengah1

Bukit Tengah- These are the images of an open burning incident of rubbish and toxic waste disposed that has occured at Juru Heights, Bukit Tengah. This irresponsible act has cost quite a chaos as the fire was big and the entire area and its surroundings was covered with toxic smoke. The Fire and Rescue Department got there in time to prevent the situation from escalating and to control the fire.

Also present there was En. Anuar Yussoff, Councilor of MPSP who was called and alerted by the residents there on the incident. He has expressed his regret on such act, saying that "this irresponsible act has caused inconvenience to the residents in many ways" adding that " it could endanger the residents safety, health and the enviroment as well".

He advised the people to act more responsibly in handling household and industrial waste. " Open burning of industrial waste produces toxic smoke that is just too dangerous, we should not condone it". The councillor has given his assurance that he will do his best to work with the MPSP to immediately look into this issue and preventing similar incidents in the future, by saying, " Saya akan memaklumkan MPSP tentang kejadian ini dan kami akan mencari jalan secara bersama untuk mengelakkan kejadian seperti ini berulang lagi".

Meanwhile, SPT News urges the residents to act more responsibly in this matter. It is our collective duty and responsibilty to conserve our enviroment and not to condone such acts. We thank Councillor En. Anuar Yussoff for responding to this situation very quickly and his commitment towards conserving our enviroment and keeping our neighbourhoods in Seberang Perai Tengah condusive and sustainable is very much appreciated.

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Chap Goh Meh Fiesta and People Participation Budget launch

Chap Goh Meh Fiesta

Bukit Tambun- An fiesta was held by the office of Yb Tuan Goh Choon Aik, State Assemblymen for Bukit Tambun in conjuction with the 2019 Chap Goh Meh celebration. The event began with a lantern walk by the those who attended, followed by a grand celebration and stage shows. Also during this event, the People Participation Budget programme was launched and officiated.

This programme is held whereby the state assemblymen will be working together with his constituents to discuss and identify the problems and concerns of the people and their requirement and then use the allocated funds to his constituency to resolve those problems. This will not only solve peole problems but better integrate the public to participate in the development and improvement of Bukit Tambun for the well-being of its people.

Also present were YB Puan Kasturi Raani Patto, MP of Batu Kawan, other neighbouring constituencies' state assemblymen, Mr Anuar Yussoff, councillor of MPSP and other dignitaries. The event was graced with an overwhelming attendance of the local residents and was succesfully held with the cooperation and the support of the constituents of Bukit Tambun.

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Drainage Problem at Taman Perwira Indah

Drainage Problem

Bukit Tambun- This are the images of the condition of a trench in Taman Perwira Indah, which goes all the way to Sungai Junjung Mati. The entire area around the trench is covered with rubbish and has caused the water flow to become stagnant. This has resulted not just a huge drainage issue for the residents living there but also caused the surroundings of the neighbourhood to become unhygenic. The condition could potentially cause health problems to the residents there such as Dengue, due to Aedes mosquitoes and other diseases, due to the pests around the area.

An unhealthy and unhygenic condition in a neighbourhood, causing it to be less liveable can never be ignored and stern action should be taken immediately. The same concerns were shared by En. Anuar Yussoff, Councillor of MPSP on his Facebook page, sharing photos of his visit to the specified area with other council officers and the local MPKK chairman, Mr Ong.

The councillor has given his assurance that he will address this issue and alert the Jabatan Pengairan dan Saliran of this epidemic, by saying, "Telah panjangkan masalah parit dan sungai kpd JPS untuk Tindakan" and ending with a hashtag "#SayangLahSungaiKita".

SPT News and the neighbourhood residents certainly hope that immediate action will be taken by the relevant authorities and that they should work together to resolve this situation for the benefit and the well-being of the residents there. Certainly, they do not deserve to live under such conditions.

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CNY Open House at Juru officiated by Penang CM

CNY Open House at Juru officiated by Penang CM

Bukit Tengah- A Open House was jointly organised by the office of YB Tuan Gooi Hsiao Leung, State Assemblymen for Bukit Tengah and the office of YB Puan Kasturi Raani Patto, Member of Parliament of Batu Kawan with the cooperation of MPKK Perkampungan Juru here at Juru on the 11th of February 2019. The event was officiated by the Chief Minister of Penang, YAB Tuan Chow Kon Yeow.

The open house was graced by many guests, citizens of Batu Kawan, of all races and religions who celebrated the festivity in the spirit of togetherness. Chief Minister Chow said that such event promotes the spirit of unity among Malaysians, regardless of ethnicity and religion. He also added that "Pakatan Harapan has been chosen to administrate the Federal Government. We will continue to provide our services to the rakyat. We will use this trust given by people, to serve the rakyat, state and country. I'm thankful to our supporters for believing in the Pakatan Harapan government."

“The state government will strive to ensure that the benefits of economic growth are enjoyed by everyone," Chow said in his speech. Also joining in the celebration were the Perkampungan Juru MPKK chairman Cheah Kim Weng and former Batu Lancang assemblyman Datuk Danny Law.  YB Gooi later expessed his appreciation to the Chief Minister for attending the open house on his Facebook page by saying "Terima kasih CM YB Chow Kon Yeow, memeriahkan majlis rumah terbuka CNY perkampungan Juru dgn orang ramai."

The open house was largely a success as it successfully brought people together and such occasions act as a great opportunity for leaders to unite their people of diverse race and religious backgrounds.

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