Bus Stop Now with Seats

bus stop now with seats

Bukit Tengah-  Successes, one after another for the people of Seberang Perai Tengah. After days of being forced to stand in this incomplete bus stop, the MPSP has finally began the process of building seats for bus passengers and the people of Kampung Kebun Sireh. SPT News is glad that after reporting this issue to the MPSP, the municipal council has responded very quickly to solve our people's problem. It is expected that the seats will be available for use by tomorrow.

SPT News thanks the MPSP for completing the construction of this bus stop and responding to us very quickly. The infrastructures built for the people must be truly beneficial, and today, finally it is. Another success for the people and SPT News, as again and again, our voices are being heard. Lets continue to make SPT better.

Together as a community!!!

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