Unsafe School Crossing

sk kebun sireh

Bukit Tengah- The street crossing in front of Sk Kebun Sireh is demmed to be dangerous, especially for childrens who are students in the school. As you can see, the heavy movement of vehicles on the road is considered to bring significant amount of dangerto pedestrians as many road users often speed on this road. 

A concerned resident of Taman Kebun Sireh Flats contacted SPT News and alerted us on this situation, where childrens who are all aged between 5 to 12 are the prominent users of this crossing, where most of them use it without adult supervision. We were told that there would be a security guard hired by the school monitoring the childrens for a few minutes after the schooling session ends for the day. Upon that, the childrens are on their own. The residents who mostly have their children sent to this school fear for their safety.

SPT News will inform Jabatan Kerja Raya to look into this issue and work on finding a solution to this problem. Meanwhile, we will alert the school administrators on the concerns of the parents took ensure students safety. Lets come together to ensure our children remains safe. We also ask road users to be extra careful while driving in such areas not just during schooling hours but at all times. No one should be in danger due to the negligence of another. Lets come together to ensure our children and our community remains safe.

Together as a community!!!


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